“Westwood” starts with California-style cuisine as its foundation, carefully selecting local and sustainable ingredients to design a dining experience that is not confined by any particular style, offering a relaxed yet refined casual-fine dining experience. It showcases the rich and vibrant vitality of the American West Coast, along with its diverse styles, by incorporating familiar Asian elements into Western cooking techniques, reinterpreting them with a modern flair.

Founder Richie Lin explains, “The restaurant concept is driven by ‘creativity,’ with a core of modern American cuisine, developing dishes rich in multicultural elements, including Korean, Japanese, Italian, and American elements, with an emphasis on using locally sourced seasonal ingredients from Taiwan as the creative foundation. This ensures that every visit is a completely new experience for our guests.”

The restaurant breaks through conventional boundaries by employing different culinary techniques and unique creativity to interpret cuisine from a fresh perspective. While these creations may not be precisely defined by national borders, their ultimate freshness is showcased through perfect cooking, guaranteeing the deliciousness of each dish.